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Cabernet Franc Vertical2019 — 2021

Napa Valley

In this current offering, the story of Ashes & Diamonds Cabernet Franc 2019 – 2021 is told by three distinct vintages. Terroir cannot be truly understood without attention to weather patterns, and California’s volatile climate has never failed to keep us on our toes. Beginning with copious rainfall in 2019, it became drier and drier between 2020 and 2021, making for three vintages that provide a spectrum from wet, to dry, to drier. Napa Valley terroir is nothing if not thrilling. From the lush richness of 2019 to the plush power of 2021—harvested from the tiniest berries we have seen to date—this Ashes & Diamonds Cabernet Franc vertical provides a rare chance to experience the full spectrum of how nature changes the tenor of terroir from year to year.

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