Ashes & Diamonds new tasting room interior
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Kristin Tice Studeman, Vogue

Recognizing Ashes & Diamonds as "one of the most intriguing wineries to open in Napa Valley of late," Vogue explores how A&D is rooted in the unconventional, from wines that hearken back to the classic old-school Napa Cabernets, to its distinctive naming inspiration from a 1958 Polish war film.

Highlights also include owner Kashy Khaledi's enlightened collaborations with luminaries from both the winemaking and design worlds, as well as the goal to position A&D as a cultural hub, from workshop events and membership programs to food pairing menus that reinvent the typical tasting experience.

"The basic concepts are the same as any other winery in the Valley—come see the vineyards and taste the wines—but there’s something incredibly refreshing about Ashes & Diamonds," notes Tice Studeman. "The wines will be exciting to revisit in a few years once they have some age on them. But the winery itself might have a bigger, more immediate, impact on Napa Valley when it comes to attracting younger crowds to wine country."

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