4130 Howard Lane
Napa, California 94558

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Hugh Garvey and Christine Lennon, Sunset Magazine

"'We say come to our place in Hollywood where we can talk about the philosophies around design and architecture, and how it relates to the era of wines that we champion,' Kashy says."

Omar Mamoon, Esquire

The results are beautiful and delicious: a vibrant ruby-red rose you and a chardonnay that’s got weight and gravitas and intensity while not being heavy. You can drink both of these all day.

Elin McCoy, Bloomberg

"The delicious result, which looks almost like a light red, has floral and herb aromas, a bright red fruit taste, and enough oomph to be great with everything from hamburgers to spicy tacos."

Esther Mobley, San Francisco Chronicle

"'It felt more alive and vibrant to us,' Khaledi said. 'It was like a filter was removed. It just had more to say.'"

Ray Isle, Food & Wine

"Balanced cuisine pairs well with balanced wines, after all."

Mike Desimone and Jeff Jenssen, Robb Report

"It is garnet colored in the glass and has aromas of crushed violets, dark fruits and graphite with flavors of black raspberry, black cherry and a touch of saddle leather."

Jess Lander, San Franciso Chronicle

“Every year we sell out of it,” said Khaledi. “Every year it becomes more and more successful.”

Michelle Cherutti-Kowal MW, Decanter

"They all had balance, freshness and ageing potential, with an evident texture richness in the younger Cabernets (and obviously more fruit and concentration) compared to the 1986 Caymus."

Sara L. Schneider, Robb Report

"Under acclaimed winemaker Steve Matthiasson, Ashes & Diamonds has been making some notable Cabernet Francs, and you can taste the first three vintages side by side with this terrific vertical."

Sheila Marikar, Fortune

"If it were your job to spend money, you could do worse (a lot worse) than the A&D Vintage Experience at Ashes & Diamonds. A recent visit returned the most delicious meal of a five-day trip... "

The W&S Team, Wine & Spirits

"Congratulations to the Top 100 Wineries of 2021, a diverse collection of producers from around the globe, determined by their performance in the magazine’s two-step blind-tasting process."

Kristin Scharkey, Sunset Magazine

"Picture this: You’re sipping an ’18 Blanc at the Pierre Koenig–designed Hollywood pool house, the sun just beginning to set beyond the hills."

Jess Lander, Decanter

"Unlike any other wine estate in Napa Valley, [Ashes & Diamonds] represents the ushering in of a new era of Napa wines, or rather, a return to a style that’s minimalistic, approachable, and lower in alcohol."

Tina Caputo, VinePair

"Now, other wineries are looking to capture the same magic that’s inspired some to call Ashes & Diamonds 'a magnet for millennial wine lovers.'”

Esther Mobley, San Francisco Chronicle

"There are several showpiece, single-vineyard Cabernet Sauvignons from Napa Valley’s hillsides, plus a rich Sauvignon Blanc blend and a fruity rosé."

Kevin Sintumuang, Esquire

"Like a great bar, this place will show you a world you might not have known about, and also make it fun."

Nicole MacKay, Wine Enthusiast

"Our wines are made with minimal intervention and rarely if ever do we filter. Keeping microbials out is part of this discipline, so cleanliness is key."

Esther Mobley, San Francisco Chronicle

"The wines are solid, modeled on a rustic style of winemaking that was prominent in California a half-century ago."

Zach Dundas, Food & Wine

"The winery is a reaction to what Napa Valley became. It's also a love letter to what it was."

Joshua Greene, Wine & Spirits

"The voice of the site comes through in woodland scents of purple flowers, cool herbs and a vibrant intensity without weight."

Michelle Williams, Forbes

"In a year marred by plague and wildfires, a classic bottle of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is the ideal gift for any wine lover."

Alder Yarrow, Jancis Robinson

"‘It’s not a million people, but just knowing we contributed to people getting off their asses and registering to vote, I’ll sleep a little bit better tonight’, says Khaledi."

Ray Isle, Food & Wine

"Is Ashes & Diamonds a style statement? The winery, with its retro mid-century modern look, starkly un-Napa white walls, and low-key lounging spaces, definitely says yes."

Alice Lascelles, Financial Times

"A gleaming, glass-walled complex at the foot of Highway 29, it pays homage to the Napa Valley of the 1960s – an era when the prevailing style was less oaky, lower alcohol and characterized by more restraint."

Emily Tan, SPIN

"Karen O has teamed up with Napa Valley winery Ashes & Diamonds to create 18 hand-painted magnum bottles of rosé."

Meaghan Webster, The Vintner Project

"This Napa winery was designed to stand out."

Kristin Tice Studeman, Condé Nast Traveler

"Ashes and Diamonds adds a bit of mid-century cool to its California cabs."

Esther Mobley, San Francisco Chronicle

"Seemingly every box on the coronavirus safety checklist had been checked."

Justin Goldman, Hemispheres

"These days, you can’t stay to soak up the ’60s vibe, but you can still order the delectable cabs."

Becky Duffett, Eater: SF

"Many wineries are now transitioning to pickup and delivery. Ashes & Diamonds Winery has a fun twist."

Marissa A. Ross, Bon Appetit

"Ashes & Diamonds 'Merlot №1' is an opaque maroon at the dining table but more of a cranberry ink in daylight. "

Jess Lander, Curbed: San Francisco

"These overt midcentury modern architectural tributes align with the style of Ashes & Diamonds wines."

food and wine pairings at A&D

Jess Lander, Eater: SF

"Ashes & Diamonds crafts approachable, food-friendly wines that are lower in alcohol and thus more old world in style—on theme with the winery’s mid-century modern architecture and design."

Ashes & Diamonds distinctive winery roofline

Katherine E. Nelson, Curbed: San Francisco

"If you want to learn about wine before you drink it, this summer’s third annual Ashes and Diamonds Winery’s 'A&D Q&A' speaker series is a great place to start."

outdoor wine tasting pavilion at Ashes & Diamonds

Josie Zeiger, Newsweek

"This brand new tasting room is a beautiful addition to Napa Valley. You can choose from a variety of tasting experiences – go for the lunch option, and make sure you try their whites."

Ashes & Diamonds winery production room

Emma Janzen, Imbibe Magazine

"The intent is to make head-turning, low-intervention wines that stay true to California’s terroir."

Bestor Architecture's modern winery design

Bridget Cogley, dezeen

"We aimed for a lighter and more current take, fitting to the industrial nature of wine production and more residential scale of the hospitality."

Ambrosia Magazine Cover - The New Napa (Article)

Austin Langlois, Ambrosia Magazine: Volume 5

"We live in a very humbling period where we're turning back to the vineyards, to something more holistic... And it's not something that can be explained through analysis; it's something only your heart can tell you. "

wine tasting at A&D

Alexandra Harner, City Scout

"These vitis vinifera icons excel at crafting thoughtful wines that respect history and biodiversity in both vineyard and cellar."

Ashes & Diamonds new tasting room interior

Kristin Tice Studeman, Vogue

"The basic concepts are the same as any other winery in the Valley—come see the vineyards and taste the wines—but there’s something incredibly refreshing about Ashes & Diamonds."

Exterior, corrugated zigzag canopy at A&D

Gemma Z. Price, Architectural Digest

"While there are nods to Albert Frey in the portholes and Donald Wexler’s folded plate roofs of the midcentury Palm Springs postcard fantasy, we aimed for a lighter and more current take fitting the industrial nature."

Ashes and Diamonds' modernist winery patio

Nikki Ekstein, Bloomberg

"The Five Places That Stole My Heart in 2017." Bloomberg Pursuits’ travel editor shares her most memorable trips of the year.

Ashes & Diamond's distinctive porthole windows

Caleb Pershan, Eater: SF

"New Winery Hopes to Make Old School Wine Cool Again With a Modern Tasting Room: Ashes & Diamonds opens next month with a distinctly Millennial vibe."

ashes and diamonds cabernet franc

Tanya Holland, Sunset Magazine

“Their tasting room is beautiful: midcentury modern, open-air. This bottle rolled off my tongue: so smooth and silky and juicy.”

Ashes & Diamonds Winer, nearing completion

W. Blake Gray, Palate Press

“'We’re really trying to dive into what Napa Cab in the ’60s and ’70s tasted like,' Matthiasson comments."

Ashes & Diamonds outdoor view

R.H. Drexel, The Wine Advocate

"How affirming it was to taste the Ashes & Diamonds lineup. The proof is in the bottle with this project: as the old saying goes, these wines 'taste like more....'"

Linda Murphy, Linda Murphy Wine

"It’s an old-school approach to New World wines, and a welcome one."