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Napa, California 94558

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The Library Rare + Unreleased Wines

Discover the unexpected with rare and unreleased wine flights on Saturday evenings at Ashes & Diamonds. Each flight will focus on one distinctive California appellation, showcasing purity of expression across the decades, as well as unreleased and sold-out wines from our Library.

April 6: Rutherford, Napa Valley
April 13: Santa Cruz Mountains
April 20: Mt. Veeder, Napa Valley
April 27: Oakville, Napa Valley

$80 per person. $40 for A&D Members.
Space is limited.
Saturdays in April
6:00 – 9:00 PM

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From Loire with Love Hosted & Curated by Steve Matthiasson

Join Steve Matthiasson and taste a specially-curated selection of rare wines from the Loire Valley that inspired the style behind Ashes & Diamonds’ Cabernet Franc. Learn Steve’s approach from farming to blending, and be the first to try and to purchase the new release of Cabernet Franc No. 2, 2015.

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The A&D Cellar with Diana Snowden Seysses

Join Diana Snowden Seysess in a rare and intimate behind the scenes stroll through the A&D cellar, sampling unreleased wines still in barrel. Learn about Diana’s approach to elevage and be the first to taste wines from the 2017 and 2018 vintages.

$95 pp. Complimentary admission for A&D Members. Space is limited.

Reserve your spot here or give us a call at 707.666.4777.

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The Saffron menu is tailor made to complement wines with several years of aging. As we observed the primary fruit flavors of older vintages give way to the earthiness of secondary flavors, the kitchen was inspired to develop a new, special edition luncheon menu to complement this transition. Saffron in particular was a perfect match, giving rise to a variety of dishes circumnavigating the globe, from traditional fare such as Persian Tachin rice to the unexpected: Vegan Saffron Chicharrónes.

After a fully sold out February, we have decided to add additional dates in March to satisfy overwhelming demand. There will be no additional dates added this year.

$95 ($50 for Members)
Every Sunday in March
11am – 3pm

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Emma Janzen, Imbibe Magazine

"The intent is to make head-turning, low-intervention wines that stay true to California’s terroir. 'Many decide to make a wine and then go look for the site. It’s the opposite for us. We find the site and then go make the wine[.]'"

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Bridget Cogley, dezeen

"... we aimed for a lighter and more current take, fitting to the industrial nature of wine production and more residential scale of the hospitality,"

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Austin Langlois, Ambrosia Magazine: Volume 5

"We live in a very humbling period where we're turning back to the vineyards, to something more holistic... And it's not something that can be explained through analysis; it's something only your heart can tell you. "

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Alexandra Harner, City Scout

"These vitis vinifera icons excel at crafting thoughtful wines that respect history and biodiversity in both vineyard and cellar. After tasting through the lineup, consider us akin to screaming fans at the front row of a Drake concert; we are fully bought-in."

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Kristin Tice Studeman, Vogue

"The basic concepts are the same as any other winery in the Valley—come see the vineyards and taste the wines—but there’s something incredibly refreshing about Ashes & Diamonds."

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Gemma Z. Price, Architectural Digest

"'While there are nods to Albert Frey in the portholes and Donald Wexler’s folded plate roofs of the midcentury Palm Springs postcard fantasy, we aimed for a lighter and more current take fitting to the industrial nature of wine production and more residential scale of the hospitality,' Bestor explains. Khaledi knew Bestor from his first job, at the Beastie Boys’ record label, and the fanzine Grand Royal, where she was resident architect, and he says he admires her work’s 'unwavering spirit of possibility and streak of rebellion.'

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Nikki Ekstein, Bloomberg

"The Five Places That Stole My Heart in 2017." Bloomberg Pursuits’ travel editor shares her most memorable trips of the year.

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Caleb Pershan, Eater

"New Winery Hopes to Make Old School Wine Cool Again With a Modern Tasting Room | Ashes & Diamonds opens next month with a distinctly Millennial vibe."

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Tanya Holland, Sunset Magazine

“Their tasting room is beautiful: midcentury modern, open-air. This bottle rolled off my tongue: so smooth and silky and juicy.”

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Ashes & Diamonds Winer, nearing completion

W. Blake Gray, Palate Press

“We’re really trying to dive into what Napa Cab in the ’60s and ’70s tasted like,” Matthiasson comments. “We picked it at 21.5 Brix [the 2015 average in Napa was 26, or about 15% ABV], but we let it get real hot at fermentation because they didn’t have temperature control then. This wine’s a time capsule.”

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R.H. Drexel, The Wine Advocate

"How affirming it was to taste the Ashes & Diamonds lineup. The proof is in the bottle with this project: as the old saying goes, these wines 'taste like more....' Truly, an homage to Napa Valley wines I’ve tasted from the ‘60s and ‘70s, particularly those of Inglenook and Beaulieu."

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Linda Murphy, Linda Murphy Wine

“That voice [of the wines] speaks softly yet also with authority: That flavor and complexity can come from grapes harvested at lower ripeness levels than is the current fashion in Napa Valley and throughout California. Soft, juicy, sumptuous wines with lavish oak are the antithesis of what Khaledi wants. Matthiasson and Seysses are wired to not produce such wines, instead seeking elegance, varietal character unobscured by ripeness and overt oak, and an acid snap that makes for refreshment and compatibility with meals.

It’s an old-school approach to New World wines, and a welcome one."

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