wine tasting at A&D
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Alexandra Harner, City Scout

Waxing nostalgic for when "13% alcohol was the norm for Napa Cab and Palm Springs was in its heyday," California lifestyle magazine City Scout paid a visit to Ashes & Diamonds and fell in love with our love letter to the Napa Valley.

While appreciative of the winery's distinctive modernist archicture and gracious, wine-savvy staff, Harner was even more impressed with A&D's mission to craft "thoughtful wines that respect history and biodiversity in both vineyard and cellar"⁠—not to mention our educational workshops and tasting experiences that pair Old-World-style wines with inspired plates from in-house chef Emma Sears.

"You know you’ve come to the right place when something as simple as fresh-baked bread and hand-turned butter are the most epic thing you’ve had all week," says Harner. "They’ve created an escape in Napa that speaks to today’s modern experience-above-all ethos."

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