Exterior, corrugated zigzag canopy at A&D
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Gemma Z. Price, Architectural Digest

Inviting readers to discover "Napa's most design-forward, cutting-edge new winery," Architectural Digest's interview with owner Kashy Khaledi offers an exclusive first look inside Ashes & Diamonds.

With a particular focus on design innovation, the article covers everything from the winery's modular buildings and production facilities, to the distinctive zig-zag canopy and Albert Frey-inspired porthole windows "set into the cobra-head-shaped first floor," to the eclectic interior accents and vibrant Saarinen womb chairs. Also highlighted are Ashes & Diamonds’ "striking monochrome labels" from graphic designer Brian Roettinger, widely known for his Jay-Z and Mark Ronson album covers.

Price notes, "In his first foray into the wine business, Khaledi has combined Californian midcentury aesthetics and style of winemaking with a modern, multimedia approach to create a Napa winery very much of the moment."

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