Ambrosia Magazine Cover - The New Napa (Article)
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Austin Langlois, Ambrosia Magazine: Volume 5

Hailing "the start of something new," Culinary travel magazine Ambrosia's profile of Ashes & Diamonds offers an in-depth look into how the winery is at the forefront of a new movement in Napa that prioritizes sustainability, Old-World-style winemaking, and inclusive, immersive tasting experiences.

"Given the philosophy of Ashes & Diamond’s winemakers, it’s no surprise that its wines are a sharp departure from the stereotypically-Californian bold flavors and higher alcohol content," notes Langlois, highlighting the goal to produce lighter, more moderate wines that pair harmoniously with food instead of overwhelming the palate.

Quoting winemaker Diana Snowden Seysses, the article closes with a fervent sentiment: “We live in a very humbling period where we’re turning back to the vineyards, to something more holistic. To make something special takes a lot of care. And it’s not something that can be explained through analysis; it’s something only your heart can tell you."

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