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Blanc Vertical2017 — 2019

Napa Valley

The Blanc Vertical V. 2017–2019 is our first-ever futures tasting alongside a current release. This rare opportunity to sample a vintage en primeur, juxtaposed with the unfolding of bottle aging, showcases the importance of the maturation process and sheds light on why we release wines when we do. The journey begins with the younger vintages’ display of bright, racy acidity and leanings towards Sauvignon Blanc flavors, while the Sémillon lingers in the background. Then, the passage of time can be tasted as the older vintages spring forth with the luscious, rich character of Sémillon as their dominant profile, held together with the bright hues of Sauvignon Blanc as a frame.

Technical Data
Our wines are made in very limited quantities. Members receive first offerings of each vintage.
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